Why Choose COR Clinic

The best qualified providers
COR Clinic provides One-On-One care. This is not the standard in the PT industry, and certainly not the standard in our local area. At COR, your patients spend every minute of every visit with a professional.

No Double Booking
At COR Clinic, we don’t overlap appointments. Treatment times are set for one patient at a time – all the time.

Patients get better at COR Clinic
Nothing matters more than results. And, at COR, the results are something to talk about. Take a look and read what our patients are saying below!


What our patients and clients are saying…

“COR Clinic’s attention to their clients has made me feel like I am their most important patient. I came into COR Clinic seeking physical therapy and came out excited about getting healthy.”

– Dr. Stephan L., M.D.

“The COR Clinic Doctors of Physical Therapy and Fitness Professionals are experienced and knowledgeable. Treatment plans are highly dynamic using the latest technology and techniques. As a COR client and a referring physician, I highly recommend COR Clinic.”

-Dr. John. R. F., M.D., F.A.C.P.

“As a physician I recognize the professionalism of Dr. Branson and the other Physical Therapists at COR Clinic. They are dedicated to treating their patient in an environment that is personal, caring and positive. They supervise an individualized program for each individual patient’s needs. I highly recommend COR Clinic to anyone in need of physical therapy and orthopedic rehabilitation.”

-Dr. L. Markham M., D.O.

“I have absolutely no reservations, only praise, in the way COR Clinic partners with me in my practice in providing the very highest level of care.”

-Dr. Douglas L., M.D.

“COR Clinic provides the highest level of professional patient centered care and treatment that I have experienced.  Because of the caring, hopeful, and helpful attitude of the staff, I feel my rehabilitation has progressed to the point that I am now pain free and able to focus my training on staying healthy.  It is without reservation that I recommend COR Clinic to anyone regardless of age.”

– Dr. Maria U., PhD.

“I began seeing Dr. Michael Branson of COR Clinic for neck pain and various other ailments. In a short time I saw amazing results. Not only is Michael an experienced and conscientious physical therapist, he is also caring and results oriented. I now spend my time at COR Clinic staying in shape and conditioning my body to excel at the many sports I partake in. Thank you COR Clinic for keeping me injury free.”

-David Van Denburgh., CEO American Fence Co.

“I ran the Boston marathon 100% PAIN FREE!!! It was the only marathon I have ran with no pain during or after the race! I have incorporated everything you taught me in those few sessions into my work outs. Big difference!!!! Thanks again for the sessions! I highly recommend you guys!”

-Renee D., Marathoner

“Before coming to COR Clinic I had a depilating injury that was preventing me from pole vaulting. After therapy and training at COR Clinic I became the fastest and most explosive I had ever been and totally pain free. Thank you COR Clinic for helping me win the 5A State Pole Vault Championship!”

-R. Porter – Arizona State Pole Vault Champion

“Mike Branson demonstrates the highest level of performance in his work. His manual therapy treatment skills combined with exercise program and education allow his patients to consistently achieve their goals.”

– Andrew Kelly.,  CEO Marin Physical Therapy

“Thank you COR Clinic for putting me comfortably back on the golf course. I thought my shoulder and finger pains would keep me from a sport I love. Your personal care and expertise should be applauded. The friends I have referred to you say the same. I wish you continued success as you are truly helping those of us in need of physical therapy and overall physical fitness.”

-Michael Demuro., CEO Regency Consulting

“Mike uniquely combines knowledge about sports injury rehabilitation with a broad range of physical therapy & training skills. He is dedicated to individual goals and has worked hard to enable me to accomplish those goals and maintain it.”

– Ian S., CEO p

“Dr. Branson was the first physical therapist or health professional in seven years to diagnose and teat my back pain to the point where I had no back pain and was able to stay off of pain medications. I would highly recommend Dr. Branson to anyone who has back pain or has other physical therapy needs.”

– R.T.

“Over the last 7 years or so, I used to suffer from chronic ankle pain. As a former gymnast for Arizona State University I put a great deal of trauma on my joints. Now that I am older, I’ve noticed some discomfort in certain joints. Dr. Branson’s treatments have given me a great deal of relief. I seldom feel discomfort in my ankle. Before I got the pleasure of working with Dr. Branson, I tried several therapists and doctors with no long-term results. I would highly recommend Dr. Branson! “

– Dan M.