Athletic Training Center

Sports PerformanceSport-specific conditioning for unmatched power, speed and flexibility

COR Clinic offers comprehensive sports performance and athletic training services to help you reach your athletic potential.  Ranging from power lifters to endurance runners, athletes compose 40 percent of COR Clinic’s clients.

Our sports performance programs begin with detailed assessments to test flexibility, movement analysis, strength and power. Based on your results, your performance coach will develop a structured program fine-tuned to your training cycle, season and goals—whether setting a new PR, improving body composition or preventing a nagging injury.

COR Clinic specializes in athlete success of all ages. We provide unparalleled athletic and sports health care, including the following specialized programs:

  • Golf fitness seminars
  • Speed/agility workshops
  • One-on-one training
  • Nutrition education and coaching
  • Event sports medicine
  • Athletic taping


Team Training

Team TrainingCOR Clinic partners with X2 Athletic Performance Training to deliver sport-specific conditioning for athletes of all ages. Luke Hagerty, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, has helped athletes across the Valley become faster, more powerful and more efficient.

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